Expected Digital marketing trends in 2019

Every year new technologies come out and the existing technologies get smarter. This happens every year at a faster pace. The main goal of digital marketing has always been the same: getting and keeping your audience’s attention.

The influence of the digital landscape has been steadily growing since the 1990s. As 2019 approaches the digital marketing is witnessing a dramatic shift. Some of the expected digital trends in 2019 are:

1-Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be defined as a bunch of computers that can analyze things rapidly. They can understand the behaviours and patterns by going through data.AI is used in the marketing sector for analyzing consumer behaviour, searching patterns, utilizing data from social media platforms and blog posts to help businesses understand how customers find their products and services.


Chatbots are the virtual assistants that offer outstanding customer services like answering customer’s questions: ”What time is my appointment?”, “When will be the package deliver?” etc.Chatbots is based on AI technology. It is expected that by 2020 the chatbots will help the business save over $8 billion per year.

3-Omnichannel marketing

Multi channel marketing was introduced to allow prospects to communicate with business through various channels. For example, your business prospects can be introduced through Twitter, Facebook ads, E-mail. You can also communicate with your website visitors through chat or comments.

But multichannel marketing cannot solve some consumer’s problems. That’s the reason omnichannel provides a better experience for your prospects because it provides seem less and consistent communication process and customers all over channels.


The social-networking sites like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon prime video, Facebook live, the video is a big trend online that will continue to grow. Traditional content that people used to watch on T.V is now available on their Smartphone’s. Therefore the advertisers are spending more than $20 billion on mobile videos. It is expected that by 2021, 82% of the traffic will be from video. Live videos are authentic and cheaper. You can apply live videos for
hosting an industry event, product launch etc.

5-Voice search

Voice searches have been becoming popular with the improvement in voice recognition. Voice search is easier, safer for people who are on the move to talk to their phone rather than type. Voice search usage is increasing on mobile. Due to the advancement in voice search, the smart speakers are becoming more popular. Voice searches are conversational they are like more talking to someone else. It is expected that voice could comprise 50% of 2019 searches.

It is expected that 50% of all searches will be voice searches by the
year 2020, 20% of mobile queries on Google are voice searches
and 25% of all Bing searches are voice searches.

6-Social messaging apps

Social messaging apps allow personalization. They are very useful in sending messages to customers directly. As a result, it would add value to the user’s experience. Recent statistics show that the growing popularity of social messaging apps for business purposes. As people are spending more of their time messaging each other, it makes sense to market your company’s services where your customers are hanging out.

7-Visual search

Visual search helps users to conduct a search and get more specific results. This takes the user experience to a new level. The visual search engine recognizes the objects, landmarks and other things visually through a camera app that is available on the phone. Examples: If you take a photo of a
Book – you can get reviews and other details about it. Building-you can get information about the location . Business card-you can save the phone number and address the contact

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