3 Tips to get most out of Dynamic Ads on Facebook

I have met many people who believe optimizing Facebook Dynamic Ads is a complete waste of time for the sole reason that they are automatically generated. But this is where many of us go wrong and end up losing on traffic and potential customers. Here in this article, we talk about some promising tips to optimize your Dynamic Ads.

Before diving deep into those tips which you all are eager to know, let us first understand why dynamic ads are and how they work.


What are Dynamic Ads?

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ad

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Dynamic ads automatically promote your catalogue to those people who have shown interest on your website, in your app or somewhere on the internet.

If you talk about their appearance, they look exactly the same as single image ads, collection ads on Facebook, Instagram or any other platform.

Now instead of individually creating ads for every item you promote, you create an ad the template that would automatically select images from your catalogue for the items you would like to advertise.

Isn’t that an awesome feature?
HELL yes, it is.

Moreover, they help you retarget people who have taken an action on your website or app or target a larger audience who have not visited your website or app before.

These dynamic ads show relevant products from your catalogue whenever these people open their Facebook, Instagram, or any other networking site. This is what we call “product recommendations”.

These ads have the ability to direct people to take some action when they view an advertisement. Once you optimize your ads for a certain goal, Facebook chooses products from your catalogues that generate the best possible outcome.

Understand this as, if you optimize ads for conversion, then Facebook advertises only those products that are expected to drive conversions. In my view ignoring the potential of these dynamic ads is not a rational approach.


Facebook Dynamic Ad Optimisation Tips

The 3 tips shared below will help you take your Dynamic Ads to the next level and eventually help you succeed with any campaign.


#1. Control Ad Frequency

Targeting a smaller audience or more segmented targeting can definitely lead you to a scenario wherein the frequency of dynamic ads goes out of your hand.

It is very well known that the Facebook ad hack is to maintain your ad frequency. If you don’t pay attention to your ad frequency you are destined to get hurt in reference to your relevance score and eventually your Click Through Rates(CTR).

People often put up this question: why care about relevance scores when ads seem profitable?
If you have a similar question in mind then be aware, you are going to get hurt in the long run. The profit is short-lived and in the end, you’ll face more damage than good. By controlling your Dynamic Ad frequency, you tend to control ad fatigue, ensuring frequency doesn’t harm your ROIs.


#2. Keep Dynamic Ads fresh

You might say that Dynamic Ads are automatically generated. No doubt in that but there are certainly some components of your ads which you can improve.

Monitoring and tweaking your ad copy will keep your ads fresh which have the ability to improve conversion rates.
I advise you all to test different copies which include headlines and CTAs. You will be able to determine the best converting combination this way.


#3. Make sure your images are on point

Ove you have tested all your parameters then you are left with the images and it should go without saying: “Images matter a lot”.

Images are capable of directing your potential customers away from your product or website. So keeping a track of the images you use is equally important.

Images become even more essential with Facebook Dynamic Ads, as you have just one image to grab the attention of your audience.

What you should be doing is checking that the images that go out are of the best quality, proportioned perfectly and set on a white background preferably. If you execute these things well then you are going to grab the attention of the audience really quickly.

These were the 3 tips that you should abide by, in order to make the most out of your Facebook Dynamic Ads.

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