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As the real estate industry continues to grow in 2017 and the demand for residential and commercial real estate strengthens, we suggest you the latest real estate lead generation strategies so that you can stay ahead of the competition in this digital age. Staying together with the fast changing real estate digital world is a challenge in itself. Such trends in web designing or digital marketing have been introduced by Google. In the past years, visual content with minimized colors and background has been trending. Whatever the trend it might be, the basic features to be followed in digital marketing remains the same. In order to stay ahead of the pack, digital marketing agencies must stand by a few important factors.

Following are the top real estate digital marketing trends. Let’s dive in and learn more about these tren


Several real estate companies are using drones to provide a 360-degree view of their properties that are ready for sale. Allowing users to take a virtual tour of the house and neighborhood gives them a better feel of the property and changes the game in their favor.

In the coming years, this use is expected to expand rampantly in the real estate industry. Drones offer a more robust view than simple photographs can, adding another dimension to the areas your brokerage operates in, as well as the properties listed in those areas. For vendors, drone video means just this, it is a way to promote their homes with an exclusive perspective. And for buyers, drone shots deliver an opportunity to quickly examine the parameters of a property and get a look at the surrounding area.

These drones feature the neighborhoods from a bird’s eye view, along with land, homes and local facilities. This specifies the buyers coming to their site with a unique experience.

Using drones, there is no end to the content you can create. This means few new, unique ideas which will catch the eye of the customer can be brought to the table. For instance, drones are used for aerial advertising. Similarly, the way airplanes were used to promote at certain events. This is certainly a great way to get advertising from corner -corner to many people in a certain area.

As drones become prominent as a 2017 real estate digital marketing trends, their price is expected to drop as well. Obviously, there is still a price range, where drones with several features will run on the higher end. However, high-quality drones will still be available at an affordable price.



Videos are known as one of the most powerful mediums available for marketing, but they are still not very widespread in the marketing mix of numerous real estate companies. Not only does a real estate marketing video for commercial and residential properties offer the audience a unique way to interact with the one which normally inspires them to stay for a longer time period on your website, but it also allows a company to display its services or products in a better way. Thus, you can make your properties and your firm stand out from the competitors.

You can expect this real estate digital marketing trends to really take hold in 2017. And not just for buyers. More than 70% of homeowners say that they are more likely to list with a realtor who suggests creating a video for them.

The video will continue its rise to the top of the content charts, but it will be used somewhat differently in real estate. Rises in bandwidth will free up designers to create outstanding ambient video backgrounds, explainer videos and animated sliders that will take your consumers on a visual tour of your business in place of large parts of the text. And your listings section must be designed to retain your video tours front and center.

Listing Videos vigorously makes videos for your listings by dragging in information from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), while adding professional narration, 3D animation, and custom branding.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality solutions in 360 degrees for real estate and construction companies are used mostly in the sales and design methods as it produces more positive client interactions, faster project approvals, and higher client satisfaction.

There is a need for inspiring experiences to keep potential buyers involved. As property hunt increases day by day, it is not possible to keep buyers engaged and optimize the use of their time. This is difficult in pre-construction engagement and sales.

Through virtual reality real estate applications, potential customers are able to experience the properties conveniently. Virtual reality allows visitors truly, emotionally experience what the properties and locations are all about. Mobile virtual reality applications allow customers to let friends and family share their experiences with each other.

Virtual Reality is a capable tool and when connected to the land business, gives purchaser more noteworthy certainty to part with their well-deserved money and buy of the arrangement. With this fantastic innovation running off camera, the excellence of encountering Virtual Reality is that it’s enthusiastic. VR separates those boundaries, right away conveying them to a space that permits them to see the development by configuration by making an interpretation of the thoughts into an immersive domain.

One of the greatest advantages of VR innovation is that it empowers owners, brokers, and occupants to imagine a potential groundbreaking strategy, building or inside space speedier and simpler than at any other time. The innovation permits the procedure to push ahead at a faster pace, empowering essential choices to get the accord reaction they require.


Mobile Optimization

As many more consumers turn to their smartphones to track property searches real estate websites should be mobile optimized. Responsive web design is important to make this happen. It essentially means your website layout, typography and images are automatically resized for display on different mobile device screen sizes. Mobile optimization is a key to the real estate digital marketing trends. You need to make sure your client’s mobile experience is a positive and useful one.


Your real estate company website is the base for your every digital marketing effort. A study by Google has reflected that nearly 80% of investors and tenants conduct an online search for residential and commercial real estate properties. This means your website has a strong chance of gaining brand visibility, achieving prospects, and helping lease-up efforts and drive sales for your business.

Here are few strategies that are most likely to have a decent impact on your real estate company:

A Responsive Website: Make sure that your website is fully optimized for all kind of mobile devices. Your ability to reach and attract more potential tenants and investors increasingly focuses on the user experience of the real estate website which is displayed on their devices. You need to remember that more than 15% of real estate visits originate from mobile devices. In order to promote your brand and services efficiently, it is important to optimize your website for all platforms, including IOS, Android, and Windows, as well as all devices like desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

Blog: A company blog is considered as a marketing tool that can have a huge impact on search engines, visibility for social media, and a perfect place to start the communication with the potential customer base. When it comes to real estate digital marketing for commercial and residential, it is important to share instructions and advice with your clients, highlight lease transactions, critical company updates, and talk over the relevant industry as well as local market news. As you are a skilled professional in your respective business field, building a blog section on your website is your chance to promote your knowledge while putting yourself as a specialist inviting ideas and comments from your readers.

Content: Quality content is recognized as one of the most valuable currencies available on the web today. You need to have exceptionally written informative articles, blog posts, high-quality videos, infographics, and more to display interesting data and other instructive content that can seize the attention from prospects when they visit your website. Great content assists you to create an audience and build trust. SEO-optimised blogs that advance sincere value to your vendors and buyers will work along with professionally designed quality content such as digital magazines and market report ebooks that will basically turn real estate agents into thought-leading publishers.

Search Engine Optimization: SEO is important to confirm that your real estate website ticks off the suitable boxes in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When it comes to SEO strategy, an effective one can help you produce huge traffic from Google and several other search engines. This generates visibility for those targeted keyword terms which are associated with your business. An excess of potential investors and tenants use online searches to research about different properties.

News Updates: Just like a dedicated real estate blog section, you can also consider developing a news section on your real estate website, where important company updates, survey/research results, press releases, etc. can be posted. This will advance search engines as well as your customers a positive signal that your company is growing actively, which is a highly valuable and strong trust factor. Apart from this, a new section typically needs less commitment from you, thus, easy to maintain.

Tracking: Ensures that you are running Google Analytics on your website so that to monitor marketing performance and confirm that you review the results once in a month. With its help, you can make tangible marketing decisions and also understand the important impact if any on your real estate website. In case your website does not generate prospects for your business or property, it is must to revisit and conduct the required action.

Company Newsletter: We all know that email is counted amongst the most effective forms of communication for the brands. The reason behind its success is the higher response rate as related to other online formats. A regular company newsletter not only lets you stay connected with your valuable prospects and customers, but also offers you a dedicated means to promote your company’s activity, providing free information, and developing a relationship which helps exceed the privacy of your website.

Advertising Google Campaigns: This is one of the best real estate digital marketing trends. Google AdWords offers the fast, efficient, and scalable way to go for potential investors and tenants online. Through programmatic advertising, you can promote your services in particular locations in search results, or with display and re-targeted ads for those who visit your website or your competitor’s. In simple words, this is the quickest way to get ahead of your most likely prospects.

Social Media: Here you can showcase your real estate business in many ways using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. Social Media has become the genuine platform for professionals to network. Its millions of users consist of just about every professional in the commercial real estate, investing, finance, legal fields, etc. you could want to meet. It also offers a dominant marketing as well as engagement system with group discussion boards, blogging, and search functions. Pooled with specifically targeted advertising, you can use these brilliant tools for sharing new ideas, property updates, events, etc. with your customers and prospects so that you can continue to grow your business network.

Website Live Chat

Website live chat is going to be a huge 2017 real estate digital marketing trend. People like talking to other people for further information regarding any service or product. Not robots. A live chat solution accessible on your brokerage website means customers visiting your site are capable of going beyond browsing the surface and get more realistic with the facts they want to know. In result, you leave an eternal impression.

Captivating lead information is simpler than ever with real estate live chat. Notifying your clients is one of the most vital steps headed for closing a deal. But also it is equally important that as you are doing so, you are also capturing their data. A real estate live chat solution confirms that you capture every lead that reaches out on your real estate website. And, their required information, along with their live chat conversations feeds which will direct back into your CRM in real time. So, any questions, pain points, or concerns they chat with you are available for you or your real estate agents to quickly and certainly look back on anytime.


In this article, I mentioned the tips as an excess of real estate firms and individuals reach their business goals and objectives with the help of effective digital marketing strategies.


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